Bulletproof Vest

Our Bullet Proof Vests are ultra high quality and are some of the toughest available in the market today. These vests are fully tested and fully guaranteed, as are our Stab Vests. Our kit is used by security forces around the world and also by numerous police forces in many counties.

 Our range of Bullet Proof jackets will protect against ballistic attack of medium intensity including typical handgun fire, sub-machine bursts for example from an UZI. These vests also offer excellent protection against stabbing attacks and offer defence from fragmentation debris linked to explosions. SHOP ONLINE

We would recommend this level of protection for:

  • Armed-response police officers
  • Individuals under extreme threat levels
  • High profile figures
  • Special Forces
  • High level political targets
  • Government officials


For further details of our range of Bullet Proof Vests please contact us and we will furnish you with information such as features and benefits and full specifications.


Differences between Bullet Proof and Stab Vests It is important to note that there are differences between the construction and specifications of these two protective equipment types. Though typical Ballistic Only Vests may offer reasonable protection against an attack made with penetrating type implements, it is important not to compromise on your personal safety and follow Home Office guidelines related to these two differing standards.